Affordable Connectivity Summit Preview - Network:On

Affordable Connectivity Summit Preview

Published June 1, 2023

Network:On is thrilled to co-host “Closing the Digital Divide: The Affordable Connectivity Program on the Ground and in DC” alongside New America’s Open Technology Institute and Public Knowledge on June 14, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm ET. This hybrid event will feature two panels that will highlight the importance of the Affordable Connectivity Program to #Connect20.

To close the digital divide and connect the final 20 percent of Americans, we need the ACP. While there are 52 million ACP-eligible households, only about one-third of them are enrolled. This event will help raise awareness about the necessity of funding the ACP and conducting outreach to communities nationwide through avenues such as digital navigator programs.

The first panel will spotlight on-the-ground ACP practitioners from states and communities across the U.S. These experts will discuss the program’s successes and the critical role digital navigators play in raising awareness for the program. The second panel will provide a broad perspective on bipartisan initiatives aimed at closing the digital divide and advancing digital equity.

By bringing together the large-scale planners, policymakers, and organizations that are executing these programs, the ACP Summit will make the case for Congress to make the ACP a permanent tool to #Connect20.

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