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CES 2024: The Positive Impacts Enabled by America’s Excellent Internet

Published January 16, 2024

CES is the most influential tech event of the year. Companies demo innovative products and cutting-edge devices—many powered by America’s Excellent Internet—to transform how we live and work.

Let’s explore some of the remarkable new technologies that were introduced at this year’s show: 

Health: Telehealth and virtual doctor visits have become the norm, and now Withings is revolutionizing the home check-up further with its new Withings BeamO. This thermometer of the future helps you measure and share vital health data like heart rate and blood oxygen levels during a remote health visit.

Wellness: health tech company Baracoda unveiled BMind, the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror for mental wellness, which identifies mood and helps manage stress. This broadband-powered innovation also has customized features like guided teeth brushing, skin analysis and coaching, bathroom water temperature monitoring, and more. 

Clean Air: Millions were affected by poor air quality in 2023, but the Swasher S from GongGong presents an affordable solution! The product uses a novel air purification method, harnessing friction between rotating air and rotating water to filter out harmful particles such as smoke, viruses, or harmful gasses.

Accessibility: Inclusively designed innovations were also in the limelight. The Whispp calling app assists those who have lost their voice or have a severe vocal impairment by using AI to convert voiceless or vocal-cord-impaired speech to clear and natural tones.

Sustainability: Broadband-powered innovations are also enabling sustainable practices. With its new Precision Agriculture Operations Center, John Deere allows farmers to create optimized work plans, monitor real-time job quality, and analyze and receive insights from data, no matter where they are.