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Network:On 2023 Recap

Published December 21, 2023

It’s been a busy 2023 for all of us at Network:On! The pandemic showed us all the importance of America’s Excellent Internet, and this year we’ve focused on how to get that excellent Internet to all Americans.  This year, Network:On has been dedicated to closing the digital adoption gap and connecting the last 20 percent of Americans to home broadband.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our efforts to Connect20 in 2023. We look forward to continuing this important work with you in 2024. Happy New Year!

January – We explored how the Internet works and highlighted our friends at Instant Teams who created a platform connecting military spouses with remote work.

February – We wrote about how remote education can empower diverse learners by featuring Per Scholas and saw how the Internet can connect cultural traditions like Mardi Gras with the world.

March – We released a study from Dr. Raul Katz showing how broadband availability enables remote work, sponsored the 2023 State of the Net conference, and spotlighted the esports diversity organization Cxmmunity

April – We celebrated our 1st anniversary, considered how Internet-powered research is revolutionizing science, and looked at how widespread Internet access led to decreased carbon emissions.

May – We announced our Connect20 Campaign, which launched our focus on digital adoption and connecting all Americans to home broadband, highlighting the importance of digital navigators.

June – In partnership with Public Knowledge and New America’s OTI, we held the ACP Summit! We debuted our digital adoption video, heard from numerous leaders and ACP practitioners, and received a special video message from Vice President Kamala Harris!

July – We spotlighted the work of digital navigators at our partners Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania and Computer Reach.

August – We featured Human-I-T’s new retail digital equity location and shared C3’s story of refurbishing older tech.

September – We showcased the impact of digital navigators at ConnectLakeCounty to closing the adoption gap.

October – In conjunction with NDIA’s Digital Inclusion Week, we organized a special The Divide podcast episode about digital navigators and the Affordable Connectivity Program.

November – We held the Connect20 Summit, bringing together policymakers, digital equity advocates, and digital navigators to discuss how to connect the last 20 percent of Americans to home broadband.

December – We’ve continued to share all the great stories from the Connect20 Summit, wrote about digital worship, and prepared for a great 2024!