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Broadband Transforms Work: Creating New Opportunities for Families

Broadband Transforms Everything
Published April 29, 2024

Across America, access to the Internet is transforming economies, connecting communities, and unlocking a better future for all.

The shift to hybrid and remote work in the years since the pandemic – a trend which could never have taken place without America’s Excellent Internet – not only revolutionized the way we conduct business, but also created numerous new opportunities. For working moms, these new opportunities and flexibility has made it easier to maintain a career. And it’s not just a COVID-era blip – more women are participating in the workforce than ever before.

Working moms are now less likely to have to choose between childcare and their career. Remote work has boosted women’s workforce participation to record levels – about a million more in the U.S. in 2022 than the year prior. Work-from-home policies have also led to more men becoming stay-at-home dads – meaning more women can be in the office if needed. Labor force participation for women 24-54 also set a record in 2023, at 77.6%

This surge is largely credited with America’s economic growth and stability, even in the face of warnings about a slowdown or potential recession. “The strong labor force participation of women workers and the strength of the economy are intertwined,” noted Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen last month. According to Moody’s, increased female labor force participation could grow the economy by $1 trillion over the next decade.

Given the competitive labor market, it is likely that employers will continue to pursue these policies in the future. About 70 percent of firms — from tiny companies to massive multinationals like Apple and Google — plan to continue some form of hybrid working arrangements for their workers.

Most employees who say they don’t want to return to the office are those with young kids who live in the suburbs, and women are almost twice as likely as men to work on a remote or hybrid basis. The ability to shift schedules in order to attend to childcare has been a game changer, with workers of all genders able to finish their responsibilities at odd hours to account for childcare gaps.

This new paradigm is not, as has been suggested by some, a side track pathway for parents – it has been a long time coming, and took a widespread recognition of the capabilities of Internet access to get there.

High-speed broadband and remote work are critically linked. Hybrid and remote work seem likely to remain the new norm, and for working women across the country, reliable, affordable Internet is helping them to forge new paths, take on new responsibilities, and fully participate in America’s economic future.

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